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Dr Winfried Sedhoff is a physician with a special interest in mental health. Born in Germany he grew up in the small southern New South Wales country city of Albury, Australia. He graduated medicine from the University of New South Wales in 1987.

In his early twenties and barely two years after graduating, having endured many years of intermittent depression – especially at high school and university – Winfried finally faced the personal realisation he had no true sense of who he was, no honest sense of self.

This precipitated a life threatening personal crisis. Forsaking all he believed, including a promising specialised medical career, he spent twelve months in self-imposed isolation in a small rental unit in Sydney and began an internal quest to find himself, and a sense of unquestionable truth. His success has allowed him to create a life that has been both personally satisfying and feels his own. He no longer suffers depression. Over twenty years later his personal realisations form the foundation of models and ideas that are successfully helping both patients and medical practitioners overcome depression, anxiety, and develop a true and honest sense of self.

Winfried continues to shares his practical models and insights with trainee and experienced physicians alike. Many have found the user-friendly approaches beneficial both for their clients and in their personal lives. He lives in Brisbane, Australia.